Fisherman’s Caye



Frank Jermusek Fishermans Caye Frank Jermusek Fishermans Caye Frank Jermusek Fishermans Caye Frank Jermusek Fishermans Caye4

LOT SIZE: 42 Acres


  • 42-acre Private Island, with 15 acres of developable land
  • Two Lagoons and deep water access
  • Abundance of healthy reef
  • 20-30 minute boat ride from mainland
  • Located within Southwater Caye Marine Reserve
  • Great location for luxury, marine-based resort



Fisherman’s Caye is a 42-Acre private island with 15 acres of developable land. This island can be developed as a private residence or resort. This island has previously been approved for construction of a 35-unit nature-based resort. Fisherman’s Caye is close to being construction-ready, but some work still needs to be done on the land before construction can begin (such as finishing the clearing of the development land).

Fisherman’s Caye within the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve, which is designated by UNESCO for its unique and diverse marine ecosystem. This Island is surrounded by an abundance of healthy reef, offering world-class scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, sailing and unrivaled aqua blue scenery and wildlife. The reef connects Fisherman’s Caye to the neighboring islands.

Fisherman’s Caye is situated along the western border of the South Water Cay Maerine Reserve, Belize. The island is approximately 8 miles east of the popular Placencia Peninsula (20-30 minute boat ride).

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