The History of Minneapolis

The name Minneapolis comes from the latin words “polis” for city, and the word “mni” which means water. Why is Minneapolis called the Water City? As you can see from the panoramic photo above, Minneapolis has a great deal of water; Minneapolis has twenty lakes and other wetlands which include creaks and waterfalls, and Minneapolis is on both banks of the Mississippi River.

Before it was settled by visited by the French in the 1680s, and settled by the Americans a century later, the area that is now Minneapolis was largely inhabited by the Dakota Sioux Native Americans, who at that point were its only inhabitants. In the early 1800s, American settlers pushed the Dakota Sioux west and began to settle Minneapolis.

When the army base of Fort Snelling was built nearby in 1820, it spurred a movement of production in Minneapolis. Settlers and communities began to take advantage of the ample sources of running water, as well as the local resources. As a result, factories were built all over the virgin Minneapolis which made use of the running water to bring power to various factory operations such as sawmills, and any other mill or factory required or could benefit from hydropower. Minneapolis was the perfect spot to begin, and foster what would form into a bustling city.

Frank Jermusek, Minnesota State FairMinneapolis Today: Business, Culture, and Architecture

Minneapolis today is home to happy residents, and the birthplace and founding ground of many American businesses. Given its natural beauty, Minneapolis and the areas surrounding it draw in a great amount of tourists and people looking to enjoy the local attractions such as the Minneapolis Fringe Festival, famous Farmer’s Markets, live music in any of its parks, the Minnesota State Fair, as well as local rose gardens and horticulture on display.

The Minnesota State Fair is a destination for people all around the country. Each year thousands of people gather to enjoy culture from the state, as well as special guests and celebrities from all over the USA.

The 2014 Minnesota State Fair took place on August 21st. The event was headlined by the special guest and famous country singer Toby Keith, on his new “Shut Up & Hold On” Tour brought to you by Ford: Built Tough. The event was considered to be one of the best state fairs in recent years.

Here is a time-lapse video of 2013’s Minnesota State from the event’s website, to give you an idea of how many people come in each year, and the type of atmosphere you can expect in Minnesota:

Besides the natural beauty, Minneapolis as a city also boasts some unique and attractive architecture that one wouldn’t find in any other city. Of particular interest and local character is the Minneapolis Skywalk. Built because of the local weather in the Winter, the Skywalk allows citizens working in the city to walk between buildings without having to leave the protection and warmth of the indoors. The Minneapolis skywalk leaves most of the skyscrapers in the city connected by sky bridges, while at once they protect you from the cold of the winter, also provide a unique and beautiful aspect of the city, and allow any visitors to see the entire city below from the windows.

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