Real del Monte Entitled Development Land



PRICE: Negotiable
816 Acres


  • Co-listed with Xavier and Diego Pumarejo with SVN | Mexico.
  • 816 acres situated on the outskirts of Mineral del Monte, a historic mining town that is a popular tourist location for Mexican and international citizens alike.
  • A development partnership with the owner is possible and zoning is in place. The site is “shovel ready”.
  • The preliminary project plan includes residential, golf course, resort/hotel, ski hill, and commercial areas with restaurants and retail.
  • The “mountain corridor”, a four-lane highway, connects the site to Pachucha as well as to the principal four-lane highway to Mexico City.

  • The project has support from the Economic Tourism Development Minister and the current owner (who is also a developer).
  • Located 90 minutes from Mexico City, the economic hub of Mexico, which is home to 24 million people.
  • Americans have been retiring to communities similar to Real del Monte due to the low cost of living as well as the cultural experience. An example of one such community is San Miguel (described later in this package).
  • Utilities will tie into the local community.


Frank Jermusek and SVN | Northco is pleased to offer for sale 816 acres of entitled development land in the city of Real del Monte (also known as Mineral del Monte), in the Mexican State of Hidalgo. There are current approvals in place for a multi-phase development project which includes residential, restaurant, retail, golf course, hospitality (resort/hotel), and Mexico’s only artificial ski hill.

This development is well situated to target both the local population of Mexico City’s 24 million residents, as well as international travelers. The existing support from the Economic Tourism Development Minister, as well as the current owner (who is also a developer), is crucial to the success of this project. The owner is seeking partners and/or an entity to take on the overall project and master planning. The preliminary plans include some overall concept design, water treatment, utilities, and the plan to tie it into the local community.

Mineral del Monte is located approximately 8 miles from Pachucha, the Capital of the State of Hidalgo, a municipality with approximately 277,375 inhabitants (2015 est.). The Pachuca metropolitan area has an estimated 438,692 inhabitants as of 2005. The property is connected to Pachuca and the principal highway to Mexico City via a four-lane highway known as the “mountain corridor”. It is the main road to many nearby tourist attractions, as well. The property is a 90-minute drive from Mexico City’s International Airport, making it a favorite for National and International visitors year-round.

This property is co-listed with Xavier and Diego Pumarejo with SVN | Mexico.


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